The City Court will be closed on the following days:   
June 14, 2024 in observance of  Juneteenth
July 4, 2024 in observance of  4th of July

C. Britain Sledge, III


The City Court is a court of record that processes civil, criminal, traffic, and juvenile matters. It is the goal of the court to provide the citizens of the Seventh Ward with efficient and convenient access to justice.

The City Court Divisions

City Court presides over cases when a civil lawsuit is filed wherein the damages or amount sued for does not exceed $30,000.00.
City Court presides over limited types of civil cases filed wherein the amount sued for does not exceed $5,000.00 including the following cases:
  • Suits on Promissory Notes
  • Suits on Open Accounts
  • Suits on Negotiable Instruments
The City Court presides over misdemeanor and traffic offenses occuring within the court’s jurisdiction.
City Court excercises jurisdiction over the following juvenile cases:
  • Delinquency Cases
  • Misdemeanor and felony offenses within the court’s jurisdiction
  • Families in Need of Services (FINS) Hammond and Ponchatoula
  • Seventh Ward Assertive Truancy Program (SWAT)
  • Defensive Driving
  • Shoplifters Alternative Program
Updated information for all staff can be located here.

City Court of Hammond

7th Ward
Parish of Tangipahoa
State of Louisiana

303 East Thomas Street
Hammond, LA 70401

Phone: 985.542.3455
FAX: 985.542.3453

Juvenile Division

Phone: 985.542.3457
FAX: 985.542.3680

Civil Division

Phone: 985.542.3450
FAX: 985.542.3670

FINS Division Hammond

Phone: 985.543.3290
FAX: 985.543.3294

FINS Division Ponchatoula

Phone: 985.370.2196
FAX: 985.543.3294

Business Hours

Monday – Friday
8AM-4PM except for holidays


City Court jurisdiction includes all of the 7th Ward from:

  • Northern boundary: Wardline Road/ University Drive. (Also includes all incorporated areas of the City of Hammond north of Wardline Road /University Drive)
  • Southern boundary: Tangipahoa Parish line south of Manchac.
  • Eastern boundary: Tangipahoa River.
  • Western Boundary: Livingston Parish line.


  • What payment methods do you accept for payment of fines, fees and court costs?
  • City Court accepts Cash, Money Orders, Visa, MasterCard, and Discover Card. NO PERSONAL CHECKS ARE ACCEPTED. A payment by mail postmarked AFTER your court appearance date must include an additional $125 fee. Credit card payments can also be made through the City Court website
  • Can I bring my cell phone to court?
  • No Cell Phones are allowed in the building while Court is in session.
  • What do I wear to court?
  • No shorts, tank tops, flip flops or mini dresses are allowed in the court room.
  • Do I have to pay my fines the day I come to court?
  • You are expected to make a payment on your Fines and Court Cost the day you come to court. Failure to pay your fines timely will result in a warrant being issued for your arrest and your Driver’s License number will also be sent to the Department of Public Safety to be flagged for suspension.
  • Can the Clerk of Court personnel help me with answers to legal questions?
  • Any legal questions you wish answered prior to your appearance in court should be addressed to your attorney. Court and Clerk’s office personnel are prohibited by law and order of the court from giving legal advice.
  • How do I request a foreign Language Interpreter or Deaf/Hearing Impaired Assistance?
  • Contact the Clerk of Court, Guy Recotta, Jr., at 985-542-3455.
  • Examples of Allowed Clear Bags
Traffic Division of City Court

The Traffic Division of the City Court presides over cases when a person is issued a traffic ticket by the Hammond Police Department, the Southeastern Louisiana Univeristy Police Department and perhaps the Tangipahoa Parish Sheriff’s Office, or the Louisiana State Police.For your convenience, you may handle many traffic violations by mail. If your citation is for one of the violations listed below, mail your ticket along with a money order (no personal checks accepted) to City Court of Hammond, 303 East Thomas Street, Hammond, LA 70401. If the violation is not listed, you may call 542-3455 for more information. It still may be possible to avoid a court appearance.
The Payment processor will add a processing fee to your fine to cover the cost of your payment. You will be given your full payment amount prior to completing your transaction.PAY TICKETS ONLINE

Below is a partial list of violations that are payable to the City Court of Hammond. If you cannot locate your violation below please call the court for the price of the ticket.

Print List
14:100 Hit and Run  $553.00
14:99 Reckless Operation  $353.00
14-5 Parking In Fire Lane  $221.00
20-55.2 Prohibited Parking  $131.00
20-56 Improper Parking  $171.00
20-59 Parking in a Handicapped Zone  $545.00
21-120.6 Loud Music – 1st offense  $263.00
21-120.6 Loud Music – 2nd offense  $363.00
21-120.6 Loud Music – 3rd offense  $663.00
21-97 Simple Obstruction  $263.00
21-98 Driving While Intoxicated MUST APPEAR
32:56 Obedience to weights and standards  $318.00
32:58 Careless Operation without an accident  $193.00
32:58 Careless Operation with an accident  $273.00
32:78 Wrong Way on One Way  $193.00
32:78 Wrong Way on One Way with an accident  $273.00
32:81 Following to Close  $193.00
32:81 Following to Close with an accident  $273.00
32:101 Improper Turning with an accident  $273.00
32:101 Improper Turning without an accident  $193.00
32:105 Improper Turn Signal/Brake Lights  $193.00
32:123 Ran a Stop Sign  $193.00
32:123 Ran a Stop Sign with an accident  $273.00
32:124 Failure to Yield   $193.00
32:124 Failure to Yield with an accident  $273.00
32:125 Failure to Yield to an Emergency Vehicle  $243.00
32:1304 Expired Motor Vehicle Inspection Sticker  $178.00
32:1308 False/Switched Motor Vehicle Inspection Sticker  $268.00
32:172 Ran Stop Sign at a Railroad Crossing  $193.00
32:232 Ran a Red Light  $193.00
32:232 Ran a Red Light with an accident  $273.00
32:295 No Child Restraint  $100.00
32:295 No Child Restraint-Second Offense  $250.00
32:295 No Child Restraint-Third Offense  $643.00
32:295.1 No Seat Belt    $50.00
32:295.1 No Seat Belt-Second Offense     $75.00
32:295.1 No Seat Belt-Third Offense  $125.00
32:300.5 Texting While Driving  $293.00
32:352 Improper Muffler  $193.00
32:361.1 Illegal Window Tint  $193.00
32:378.2 Driving with a Restricted License  $393.00
32:398 Failure to Report an Accident  $193.00
32:411 No Drivers License on Person  $193.00
32:412 Expired Drivers License  $193.00
32:415 Driving Under Suspension  $293.00
32:51 No License Plate  $218.00
32:52 No Drivers License  $268.00
32:53 No Motor Vehicle Inspection Sticker  $193.00
32:65 Drag Racing   $318.00
32:80 Passing a Stopped School Bus  $243.00
32:863.1 No Proof of Insurance  $243.00
47:508 Expired License Plate  $218.00
47:519 Misuse of Temporary License Plate  $218.00
47:536.8 Switched License Plate  $343.00
8-21 Unregistered Bike  $148.00
1 $154.00 1 $179.00
2 $154.00 2 $184.00
3 $154.00 3 $189.00
4 $154.00 4 $194.00
5 $154.00 5 $199.00
6 $171.00 6 $204.00
7 $173.00 7 $209.00
8 $175.00 8 $214.00
9 $177.00 9 $219.00
10 $179.00 10 $224.00
11 $181.00 11 $229.00
12 $183.00 12 $234.00
13 $185.00 13 $239.00
14 $187.00 14 $244.00
15 $189.00 15 $249.00
16 $191.00 16 $254.00
17 $193.00 17 $259.00
18 $195.00 18 $264.00
19 $197.00 19 $269.00
20 $199.00 20 $274.00
21 $204.00 21 $279.00
22 $209.00 22 $284.00
23 $214.00 23 $289.00
24 $219.00 24 $294.00
25 $224.00 25 $299.00
26 $229.00 26 $304.00
27 $234.00 27 $309.00
28 $239.00 28 $314.00
29 $244.00 29 $319.00
30 $254.00 30 $324.00
31 $264.00 31 $329.00
32 $274.00 32 $334.00
33 $284.00 33 $339.00
34 $295.00 34 $344.00
Civil & Small Claims

303 E. Thomas St. Hammond LA, 70401
Advance Deposits

The following fees are for one defendant only in 7th Ward (New fees effective 8-1-2023)

Print List
*(includes fee to 7th Ward Marshal)
Small Claims Suits $121.50 
Small Claims Judgment Debtor Rule $85.00
Sequestrations Executory Process $295.00 *
Civil Garnishments $270.00 *
Small Claims Garnishments $190.00 *
Adoptions $150.00
Amended/Supplemental Petitions $135.00
Reconventional Demand $135.00
Third Party Demand $135.00
Motion & Rule for Possession $171.50 
Motion & Rule for Possession w/Service of Notice to Vacate made by the Court $214.50 
New Suit (no service) $175.00
Civil Suits $175.00
Civil Judgment Debtor Rule $90.00
Summary Judgments $80.00
Exceptions $80.00
Civil Revival of Judgment $195.00
Small Claims Revival of Judgment $75.00

Each Additional Service
For additional services or service outside 7th Ward, please call for price.


Photocopies $1/page
Certified Copies $5/page
Certification Fee $4
Fax Filings $5

You must supply us with all service copies and return copies or you will be charged for copies at the above rate.

Notice of Disclaimer:

The CITY COURT OF HAMMOND assumes no liability for the accuracy or completeness of any of the information contained on this web site. This information is provided as a public service for convenience purposes only. Reliance upon the accuracy or completeness of the information contained herein is at the user’s risk. Users are strongly encouraged to make every effort to verify the accuracy and/or completeness of the information before reliance thereon.

One Time Appearance
(985) 542-3455

Your COURT APPEARANCE has been set on the date on your citation.


To plead guilty/pay prior to court date:
  • Mail payment (money order or cashiers check) to the City Court of Hammond, 303 East Thomas Street, Hammond, Louisiana 70401. Include ticket number and driver’s license number with payment.
  • Pay in person at City Court of Hammond, 303 East Thomas Street, Hammond, Louisiana 70401. Cash, VISA, MasterCard, Discover, Debit Cards, money orders and cashier checks are accepted between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m., Monday through Friday.
  • Pay online at


To contest your ticket:
  • You must appear at the City Court of Hammond on your assigned court date as shown on your citation.
  • For all citations, except those involving an accident or driving under the influence (DUI), the officer will be present in court and you will have your trial on that date. This is a One Time Court Appearance.
  • If you wish to have witness(es) subpoenaed to be present, you must furnish names and addresses IN WRITING to the City Court of Hammond, 303 East Thomas Street, Hammond, Louisiana 70401 at least 15 days prior to your court date.


The following offenses CANNOT be paid in advance and YOU MUST APPEAR IN PERSON ON THE DATE SHOWN ON YOUR CITATION:
  • Operating the motor vehicle under the influence of alcohol or controlled substances (DUI)
  • Exceeding the speed limit by 15 mph or more
  • Exceeding the speed limit in a school zone
  • Passing a stopped school bus
  • Driving with a suspended license
  • Drag racing
  • No Proof of Compulsory Insurance


Juvenile Services Division
…reaching out to children and their families.
What is the Juvenile Services Division?
The Juvenile Services Division of the City Court of Hammond is composed of several different services working together to aid the young people and their families of the 7th Ward. These services are designed to identify risk factors leading to problem behavior, intervene when such factors are present, and to prevent further criminal behavior. Working together with schools, parents, mental health agencies, the Department of Children and Family Services, and law enforcement, the JSD of the City Court of Hammond is making a positive and lasting impact on the juveniles it reaches.

303 E Thomas Street
Hammond, LA 70401 Phone: 985.542.3457
Fax: 985.542.3680
F.I.N.S.- Families In Need of Services
…because prevention is the best cure.
What is FINS?
FINS is an early intervention program designed to prevent at risk youth from committing an offense which would put him/her in juvenile justice court. FINS brings together resources needed to help families with at risk youth live more productively. The City Court of Hammond encourages cooperation among service providers, while at all times, preserving the dignity of the family. Through FINS, children and their families have the opportunity to access services which directly address the underlying causes of pre-delinquent behavior.
What Does FINS Provide?

  • Assessments
  • Support and Education for Parents and Youth
  • Community Service
  • Case Management/Monitoring
  • Law Related Education
  • Intervention Planning
  • Conferences
  • Information and Referral
  • Referrals for wraparound services, individual/family counseling, MST counseling
  • Drug Screening
  • Referrals for substance abuse assessment/counseling
  • Educational Planning/truancy monitoring


How Does FINS Work?
The FINS process begins with a written referral, submitted to the City Court of Hammond FINS Office, identifying the FINS ground the child or family meets. Anyone may file a complaint, however it is most common that the law enforcement or school officials and parents/guardians make the referrals. Grounds for such a referral are that a child is allegedly truant, willful and repeated violation of school rules, ungovernable, a runaway, in possession/consumption of intoxicating beverages or illegal substances, has broken curfew, caretaker is failing to provide for the child, caretaker willfully failed to attend school meetings, or a caretaker is contributing to the child’s problematic behavior.

Once a referral is received, the family is expected to cooperate with efforts to resolve its problems as recommended by FINS. If these recommendations are not followed, FINS may refer the family to court for a FINS conference and/or a hearing before the judge.
What Are Some Advantages of FINS?

  • Enhances family functioning.
  • Early intervention with resource provision.
  • Facilitates the receipt of needed services.
  • Coordinates the cooperation of the community and its resources.
  • Decreases involvement in the Judicial System.


Our Mission
The mission of the City Court of Hammond Families In Need of Services program is to intervene with families by providing coordinated community resources in an effort to prevent delinquency and family disintegration. We will facilitate the family’s cooperation with needed services in an effort to improve the integrity of each family and the dignity of each individual with whom we work.

303 E Thomas Street
Hammond, LA 70401Phone: 985.543.3290
Fax: 985.543.3294
Bench Probation

The Juvenile Services Division assists the Court in monitoring orders of Bench Probation. The Officer assures that the offender/family performs all orders and works with the individual/family to provide intensive post-adjudication follow-up, which often includes monitoring educational plan/school attendance/behavior, administration of drug screening, referral to outside resources, such as counseling, substance abuse assessments/treatment, and any other service ordered by the Judge.

303 E Thomas Street
Hammond, LA 70401Phone: 985.543.3290
Fax: 985.543.3294


C. Britain Sledge, III

Clerk of Court/ Juvenile Services Director
Guy Recotta 985.542.3455

Judicial Assistant
Carolyn Davis 985.542.3465

Court Administrator/Records Custodian
Tony Licciardi 985.542.3455

Chief Financial Officer
Amy Giannobile 985.542.3468

Compliance and Security Officer
Steve Amos 985.542.3455

Civil / Small Claims
Melissa White 985.542.3450 
Vince Deliberto 985.542.3450
Erica Carlson 985.542.3450

Chantal Imes 985.542.3457
Christy Rohner 985.542.3457

Bench Probation
Renee Barber 985.543.3290
Ashley Ard 985.543.3290

Kim Howes 985.542.3468

Andrea Smith 985.542.3455
Lesly Jones 985.542.3455
Loren Connelley 985.542.3455
MeKeshia Beard 985.542.3455

Juvenile Services Coordinator/Probation
Guy Recotta, Jr. 985.542.3455

FINS (Families In Need of Service)
Renee Barber 985.543.3290  (Hammond)
Ashley Ard 985.370.2196 (Ponchatoula)

Reggie Sanders 985.542.3455

Spanish Interpretor (Español)
Louisiana Supreme Court Approved Interpreter
Patricia Lopez 985-981-8809

City Court of Hammond 

In compliance with the American with Disabilities Act, City Court of Hammond will make available reasonable accommodations for persons with disabilities who wish to utilize the services of the Court. Notification of five business days prior to the hearing/trial will be needed to make arrangements to provide reasonable accommodations. Contact the Clerk of Court with your request and include the requested accommodation and your contact information. Phone 985-542-3455; email

Please click the link for the City Court of Hammond’s Sexual Harassment Policy: City Court of Hammond Sexual Harassment Policy