F.I.N.S.- Families In Need of Services

...because prevention is the best cure.

What is FINS?

FINS is an early intervention program designed to prevent a troubled juvenile from committing an offense which would put him/her in juvenile justice court. FINS brings together resources needed to help families with troubled youth live more productively. The City Court of Hammond encourages minimum cooperation among service providers, while at all times, preserving the dignity of the family. Through FINS, children and their families have the opportunity to access services which directly address the underlying causes of pre-delinquent behavior.
What Does FINS Provide?

  • Assessments
  • Support and Education for Parents and Youth
  • Community Service
  • Case Management/Monitoring
  • Law Related Education
  • Intervention Planning
  • Conferences
  • Information and Referral
  • Individual/Group Counseling

How Does FINS Work?

The FINS process begins with a written complaint, submitted to the City Court of Hammond FINS Office, alleging that a family is in need of services. Anyone may file a complaint, however it is most common that the law enforcement or school officials and parents make the referrals. Grounds for such a complaint are that a child is truant, ungovernable, a runaway, in possession of or consuming intoxicating substances, and/or a caretaker is contributing to the child's problematic behavior.

Once a complaint is filed, the family is expected to cooperate with efforts to resolve its problems as recommended by FINS. If these recommendations are not followed, FINS may refer the family to court for a FINS conference and/or a hearing before the judge.
What Are Some Advantages of FINS?

  • Enhances family functioning.
  • Early intervention with resource provision.
  • Facilitates the receipt of needed services.
  • Coordinates the cooperation of the community and its resources.
  • Decreases involvement in the Judicial System.
Our Mission

The mission of the City Court of Hammond Families In Need of Services program is to intervene with families by providing coordinated community resources in an effort to prevent delinquency and family disintegration. We will facilitate the family's cooperation with needed services in an effort to improve the integrity of each family and the dignity of each individual with whom we work.

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