Civil & Small Claims

303 E. Thomas St. Hammond LA, 70401

Advance Deposits

The following fees are for one defendant only

Small Claims Suits $93.00 (through 7th Ward Marshal)
Small Claims Suits $103.00 (plus Sheriff's Fee for outside 7th Ward)
Small Claims Judgment Debtor Rule $65.00 (plus service outside the 7th Ward)
Sequestrations Executory Process $295.00 (includes fee to 7th Ward Marshal))
Civil Garnishments $270.00 (includes fee to 7th Ward Marshal)
Small Claims Garnishments
$180.00 (includes fee to 7th Ward Marshal)
Amended/Supplemental Petitions $135.00
Reconventional Demand $135.00
Third Party Demand $135.00
Motion & Rule for Possession
Motion & Rule for Possession with service made by the court
New Suit (no service)

Civil Suits $175.00  
Civil Judgment Debtor Rule
Summary Judgments $80.00
Exceptions $80.00
Civil Revival of Judgment $160.00
Small Claims Revival of Judgment $65.00

All Listings Above Include One Service Only

Each Additional Service   $40.00  


Sheriff Fees
Tangipahoa   $20.00 1 defendant
    $20.00 each additional defendant


Photocopies   $1/page
Certified Copies $5/page
Certification Fee $4
Fax Filings $5


You must supply us with all service copies and return copies or you will be charged for copies at the above rate.

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